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"Advanced Fuels" können schon heute erdölbasierte Kraftstoffe ersetzen. Hier werden ihre Rohstoffe und Herstellungsverfahren vorgestellt. [in English]

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This learning material provides an overview of the production processes of various fuel types that are already available or will play a greater role in the substitution of crude oil-based fuels in the future. Information is also provided on the feedstocks of advanced fuels. You can go through the material chronologically chapter by chapter or you jump to certain chapters, interesting for you. Each chapter contains several thematic sub-pages with explanatory texts, graphics and links to further material (e.g. reports, journal articles or videos) to get deeper into the topic.

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You can go through the single chapters according to your own demands and at your own pace.

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The learning material provides insights into the production paths of different advanced fuels. Users can increase their knowledge about production pathways and raw materials for renewable fuel processing.

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Veröffentlicht am December 30, 2020

Anne Rödl

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