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How does biowaste become new resources? How can you act to close the cycle? BioCycle helps you. Find out!

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Food waste is valuable. Why? It is an important building block of the “BioCycle”, the cycle from food to food waste and back to food. How? Through proper sorting in the household, appropriate collection systems and value-added processing into biogas and compost. While the former is an important building block in sustainable and renewable energy self-sufficiency, compost serves as a valuable soil improver for agriculture and thus closes the BioCycle to food production. Maybe you are wondering how these steps are connected, or how much food waste we actually produce, or what it consists of? The best way to find out is to start with this learning offer. Not only will you learn a lot about the BioCycle, but you will also be able to experience for yourself what you can personally do to close it efficiently.

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BioCycle is intended as a self-study opportunity. The learning offer covers the six important sections of the cycle from food to food waste and back to food. Each section is in turn made up of various lectures organised in a logical order to work through. It is recommended to start at Section 1: Production and work through to Section 6: Consumption. The lectures consist of slides, videos and texts. In addition, there is a self-assessment challenge.

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BioCycle aims to create knowledge on the food cycle and to raise awareness regarding the impact on the environment if not managaged properly. Furthermore, it provides tools and knowledge to help improve the personal food waste management.

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Veröffentlicht am May 26, 2023

Steffen Walk, Phillipp Lüssenhop, Stefan Deegener, Andrea Lopes, Greta Hausbeck, Ina Körner

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