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Decision making using computational procedures.

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Decision-making problems have applications in many sectors. We talk about decision-making when several criteria are taken into consideration to make a decision, or improve a solution.

In this course, we take the example of mobility: how do I choose to reach the university everyday, depending on my budget, my time, my health or my personal values? This decision-making problem, like many others, it can be automatised. But the optimisation of those problems might not be as obvious as we think when it involves several actors with different wishes.

The course aims to show, using an interactive interface and concrete examples, how different ways exist to make decisions, and how decision-making is not always an easy task to automatise.

You will evolve in a situation where you have to make decisions and compare them with the computer's decisions. Why did you choose this solution? Was there a better one? What happens if you change your point of view?

We introduce ethics to the question of decision-making for a group.

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The course is made in two parts:

  • The first one is introductory: it presents a simple daily life problem to be solved with automatised decision-making processes. The problem is the commuting-problem: a person has to make a decision on which means of transportation to take for his/her daily commute, depending on his/her lifestyle. The decision-making process is presented and broken down into steps, and some tasks to solve are given to the learner.
  • The second part contains the main story path. The learner goes through a story where he/she has to make decisions according to different events and ethics considerations. He/She plays the role of a “city planner” charged with investing a budget into the different transportation networks, depending on the population using them. The idea is to maximize the happiness of the population in several ways governed by ethics decisions.

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The idea is to make decision-making problems more transparent and easy to understand, while keeping a critical view on their automatisation.

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Technische Voraussetzungen

The course is entirely run in your internet browser.

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Veröffentlicht am January 25, 2022

Anna Lainé, Prof. Dr. Sibylle Schupp, Rainer Marrone, Prof. Dr. Judith Simon, Mattis Jacobs

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