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We are kindly inviting you to make use of this toolbox that we have developed to share knowledge and provide lecturing material with regard to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3, 4, 5, 7, 13 and 6.

A short introduction to the SDGs and why to include them in your lecture

We believe that educating students on the SDGs is very important for a broader and holistic understanding of the challenges we are facing currently to live more sustainably and better grasp the impact our actions have. Yet, as a professor, we also see that there is not always the time to include this topic in your individual teaching. Therefore, we seek to provide you with a toolbox of material and tasks for you to use in your lectures to introduce your students to one or several of the sustainable development goals. We also hope to inspire you to explore more and be able to act as multiplier for your students.

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This material was designed for lecturers, teachers and tutors from all diciplines who are interested in acquiring a good general understanding of the SDGs so as to be able to include the topic in their lectures. As this material addresses learners from various backgrounds, no previous knowledge is required and everyone is welcome to use the documents. This means, we explicitly also invite interested people outside the higher education sector to browse through the provided documents and inform themselves about the SDGs.

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With this material you will… • know what defines the SDGs, how they were set up to work and what is required to implement them on different levels (local, regional, national, international) • reflect on the relationship between human activities, environment and sustainability • explore how the respective SDGs are interlinked • identify future perspectives and challenges, and how to implement aspects aimed at positively leaving a sustainable impact.

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June 24, 2020




Prof. Dr. Walter Leal

Jennifer Pohlmann

Mohamed Wallid

Luciana Londero Brandli

Fernanda Frankenberger Silva

Amanda Lange Salvia

Emmanuel Cheo

Johanna Heimfarth

Mirjam Bretschneider


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