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Epidemic Disease Detective - Tracking down Infectious Diseases! A playful Open Educational Resource to learn about infectious disease epidemiology

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What is EDDi?

The plague, Spanish flu, Ebola, and COVID-19 - epidemics have always been part of human history and will continue to be a threat to global health in the future. At the same time, various actors in the public health sector are working together to counter infectious disease outbreaks and to track down their causes - real detective work! The HOOU Educational Resource EDDi - Epidemic Disease Detective Hamburg brings this work to life by providing an interactive training resource, designed primarily for use in higher education, and tells the story of an outbreak of disease in Hamburg …

EDDi aims to introduce participants to real-world tasks and activities related to the detection and containment of disease outbreaks. For this, a team of health scientists and epidemiologists, together with game designers and developers, has created a hands-on educational scenario using "game-based learning", which bridges the gap between theory and practice in higher education in a playful way. As Epidemic Disease Detectives, participants can acquire or deepen basic epidemiological knowledge and skills through a (game-based) case study and put them into practice while investigating a disease outbreak.

Who is the target group of EDDi?

The primary target group are trainees in higher education (Bachelor, Master, PhD, advanced academic training) in the fields of health sciences, public health, epidemiology and medical science, but also other health care professions involved in e.g. outbreak investigation and control. In addition, EDDi allows individuals with an interest (and basic understanding) of infectious disease epidemiology and public health, but without a related educational profile, to experience outbreak investigation in a playful way and to explore infectious disease epidemiology.

How can I use EDDi?

EDDi is a modifiable Open Educational Resource (OER) and primarily addresses both trainees and lecturers in higher education. The OER is available in digital and non-digital format:

#1 A Serious Game (computer game) for self-study (individual or in groups) and classroom teaching, available offline (on Windows) or online

#2 A paper-based Table Top Exercise for self-study (individual or in groups) and classroom teaching, printables available for download

Being an OER, the educational resource can be modified, further developed or used as a template for new case studies, provided that the license(s) used are complied with. :

To get a glimpse into the back story, the team, and our motivation for EDDi - Epidemic Disease Detective, check out our podcast interview (German Only):https://www.hoou.de/blog/episodes/hamburg-hoert-ein-hoou-eddi-im-spiel-ueber-epidemien-lernen

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Designed as a game-based OER in infectious disease epidemiology EDDi supports interactive capacity building in (near) real-world decision-making and practice in a controlled learning environment. In doing so, EDDi allows participants to link theoretical knowledge and practical skills, to experience the significance of cross-disciplinary collaboration, and to critically evaluate as well as correctly apply sources of information.

EDDi offers various modes of application, both digitally and non-digitally: The OER can be used for self-study (individually or in small groups, supported by a solution guide) as well as for traditional classroom teaching in higher education, e.g. for individual or group exercises facilitated by joint discussions.

Either way, the time required for completion is approximately 2.5 till 3 hours.

#1 EDDi Welcome Tutorial

To successfully solve EDDi, a basic understanding of the concepts and terms of infectious disease epidemiology is beneficial. A brief introduction to its basics is covered in the EDDi - Welcome Tutorial. This tutorial contains a total of six education videos (external provider, English only with German subtitles) and an Epidemiological Cheat Sheet to prep participants for the EDDi case study activity. Whether in preparation for the digital or non-digital scenario, the Welcome Tutorial can be explored individually or in a small group.

Scope: approximately 50 minutes

File: H5P and .pptx

License: CC BY-SA 4.0 / Embedded graphics CC BY 4.0

#2 EDDi Serious Game / Hybrid Teaching Concept

To facilitate digital and hybrid teaching formats, EDDi is made available as a Serious Game (Windows or web-based) in single player mode. In addition, an EDDi Summary Report is provided to support classroom/group follow-up of the game. Recommendations for employing the *Serious Game *and hybrid teaching concept are described in the OER.

EDDi Serious Game:

Scope: approximately 3 hours

File: Windows-Version (.exe) and Unity Web-Player

License: Game Project - MIT License / Game Assets, Game Code, Scripts - CC BY 4.0

EDDi Summary Report:

Scope: approximately 30 minutes

File: PDF/.docx

License: CC BY-SA 4.0

#3 EDDi Table Top Exercise / Non-Digital Teaching Concept

The Table Top Exercise is a hands-on training scenario designed primarly for small groups (3-6 participants). It includes: (I) EDDi Case Study, (II) EDDi Investigation Notebook, (III) EDDi Solution Guide. Featuring a variety of tasks, the EDDi Case Study takes participants through the story of an infectious disease outbreak in Hamburg, Germany. Important reference materials are available in the Investigation Notebook for finding solutions to assignments and questions. In addition, a Solution Guide is provided for evaluating the participants' progress that aims to facilitate learning in small groups without an instructor/lecturer, but can also support lecturers/instructors in implementing the case study.

Scope: approximately 3 hours

File: PDF/.docx

License: Case Study Scripts CC BY-SA 4.0 / Illustrations CC BY 4.0

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Building on a problem-based self-study approach, EDDi participants will be introduced to the principles and practices of infectious disease epidemiology as well as concepts related to the investigation of disease outbreaks, with particular focus on:

#1 Describing infectious disease events and evaluating local outbreak scenarios

#2 Learning about basic methods of epidemiological outbreak investigation, study designs, and tools of epidemiology (e.g., epidemiological curves, outbreak maps, technical terms)

#3 Interpreting and recognizing associations between outbreak events and relevant influencing factors by applying basic techniques of infectious disease epidemiology (especially descriptive methods)

#4 Making informed decisions in outbreak investigation based on epidemiological evidence

#5 Extra: Getting to know the structure of the German disease surveillance and reporting system as well as background information on the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

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Technische Voraussetzungen

EDDi Serious Game (Prototype) - Modul 3

The Serious Game is available for Windows (.exe) and via web browser (Unity WebGL Player). EDDi is optimized for widesceen (16:9) and standard resolution 1920x1080 pixels.

Mode: Single Player

System requirements: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/system-requirements.html Operating System: Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only / GPU: Graphic card supporting DX10 (shader model 4.0) / RAM: Minimum 4 GB storage)

Further Information: Being a third-party funded project, EDDi was completed in October 2022. There is no continuing technical support. If you have any questions, please contact: (coming soon)

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Veröffentlicht am July 05, 2021

Juliane Bönecke, Ralf Reintjes, Julia Bieck, Maik Helfrich, Norbert G. Schwarz, Ranjeet Dhonkal, Eric Massenberg, Johannes Kutsch, Peter Schmidt, Annabell Koenen-Rindfrey, Dewi Ismajani Puradiredja

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