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Green hydrogen is a key element for a sustainable energy supply. Learn about the production, transportation, storage and use of green hydrogen.

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In this teaching module, diverse information on the role of green hydrogen as a sustainable energy carrier of the future is taught. You will discover how hydrogen can be produced, stored, transported and used. You will also learn why green hydrogen is so important for the complete transformation of the energy supply to renewable, greenhouse gas-neutral energy sources. The teaching materials consist on the one hand of explanatory texts, graphics and illustrations and on the other hand of recordings of topic-specific expert lectures, which were created as part of a webinar series in spring 2021. You can go through the material chronologically chapter by chapter or jump to certain content that is of particular interest to you.

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You can go through the single chapters according to your own demands and at your own pace. We recommend reading the module texts first and then watching the topic-specific expert lectures, as their content goes into a little more detail.

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You will get a comprehensive overview of the background of the discussion about the use of green hydrogen as an energy carrier. You can build up knowledge regarding the technological basics and understand the connections between hydrogen and renewable energies in future, sustainable energy systems.

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August 13, 2021




Fabian Carels

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