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Learn how the RUVIVAL team creates learning elements, different tools and materials to create a comprehensive online learning experience.

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Sustainable rural development is an answer to a multitude of complex pressing issues that require global attention. The responses to these issues are equally complex and the best ones are those that draw synergistic connections and offer holistic solutions. In the making of RUVIVAL, these complexities are recognised and addressed, both when it comes to problems and solutions. That is why in developing RUVIVAL learning elements, different tools, materials and styles are used, for a comprehensive learning experience. Some elements have a more technical or practical nature, while others are more theoretical. Some are text based and others are image based.

Collaboration is key for developing RUVIVAL into the open access e-learning platform it is today. You can see all RUVIVAL collaborators in the Team list. Beyond this, the newest project addition RUVIVAL Community is helping to bring invaluable knowledge sources and practice examples.

In the following, you will learn how all these different components come together when creating RUVIVAL. Click on the elements to learn more:

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Making of RUVIVAL Stop Motion Videos Making of Community Project Making of RUVIVAL Simulation Game


The Making of section is a peek behind the scenes of RUVIVAL. Here you learn more about the RUVIVAL team and how we work. Also, you can gain insight into how we produce Open Educational Resources (OERs), the annual simulation game, and other materials.

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RUVIVAL produces e-learning material concerned with sustainable rural development. The project exists since 2016 as part of the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU). The RUVIVAL Team produces the material at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH).

The aim is to spread knowledge on sustainable practices. This e-learning project gives you the tools to implement sustainable practices in the area of sanitation, water and soil conservation.

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