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If you are a music teacher and you are wondering how you can use a phone or a tablet to produce music, this course is meant for you.

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Play from scratch: Chiptune Music with Sunvox is meant for all those teachers that want to integrate the basic principles of electronic music production in their music classes but don’t have a specific background. In this sense the course is highly modular because teachers are free to follow the online tutorial, deepening particular aspects and then build her/his own lessons according to the students’ ages and needs. The tutorials can also be easily used to acquire the basic knowledge necessary in order to structure workshops where students can be lead through the composition of a collective piece or performance from scratch. A detailed didactic unit concept is provided alongside the videos in order to support teachers’ activity.

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The tutorials are designed around the Sunvox application. The reason for choosing this particular software are many: it is modular and easy to program, it is not only capable of producing sounds (synthesis) but it can also schedule them over time (sequencing), it is multi-platform. The videos’ serie is divided in 2 parts on 9 lessons of roughly 10 minutes each. The first four lessons introduce the basic concepts, application’s GUI and the essential digital signal processing topics. The lessons from 5 to 9 show step by step how it is possible to use Sunvox to create a song; thus including the composition of leads, pads, bass and drums and giving a general overview over sound-design techniques. No previous knowledge of the application, nor DSP techniques is required.

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Teachers can learn the basic concepts of the application’s GUI: modules, tracker, timeline and the building blocks of digital sound processing such as waveforms, oscillators, filters, envelopes, amplification and sampling. as well as, more generally the core concepts of an high level node-based programming environment. A specific focus is put on sound-design and especially to those techniques aimed at modeling and producing a palette of different and distinct sounds. Following the videos and the didactic unit suggestions teachers are expected to become enough competent in the field to be able to produce their own teaching unit, taylored on students’ needs and class/workshop structure.

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Technische Voraussetzungen

  • a smart device such as a phone or a tablet, a laptop or desktop computer would be fine as well
  • internet connection

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Alessandro Anatrini

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