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RUVIVAL produces e-learning material concerned with sustainable rural development. The project exists since 2016 as part of the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU). The RUVIVAL Team produces the material at the Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection (AWW) as part of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH).

The aim is to spread knowledge on sustainable practices. This e-learning website gives you the tools to implement sustainable practices in the area of sanitation, water and soil conservation.

You will find our guiding principles in our mission statement. For a glimpse into how RUVIVAL is created, have a look at our Making of RUVIVAL Section. You can also connect with us on Social Media. In case you would like to contact us, please use our Contact Form.

The RUVIVAL Logo symbolises the reviving of rural areas, especially areas suffering from erosion. Rural areas harbour one of the most vital resources as healthy soil is the foundation for food production and agricultural practices are intertwined with the health of our water bodies.

The RUVIVAL material consists of four parts: Toolbox, Lectures, a Serious Game and the developing RUVIVAL community. New materials are added weekly to the Toolbox or Lectures in English, Spanish, French and German. To keep up to date with new publications you can sign up for our Newsletter.

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RUVIVAL Simulation Game - Planning an Eco-Town
The Simulation Game is an interactive learning tool for planning eco-towns, that was developed at the Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). The goal is to plan a small Eco-Town with an ecological design using system thinking and synergetic effects of resource cycles. The planning takes place in a simulated world, with different groups planning Eco-Towns in different climates. You will plan two towns in Wales and two in Ethiopia. How can I take part? If you want to participate in our new game (starting May 2020), you are invited to our HumHub platform. As an external participant, you play the role of an inhabitant in one of the newly planned towns. You are able to take action and influence the planning progress. Visit our website to do your registration. ( https://www.ruvival.de/simulation-game/ ) How does the Simulation Game work? The Game is open for external participants, who can take on the role of village inhabitants. As an inhabitant you are part of the decision making processes of the planning process. Furthermore, you can write newspaper articles and travel to other towns to see how they plan their Eco-Towns. Therefore, you participate in local and international debates by contributing with your knowledge, creativity and experiences. You should take on a role, which can reflect your real life or you create a new one and research the needs of your created persona. The level of engagement and amount of time spent in the Game is determined by your level of interest and engagement during the two month. In each town are specific planning groups handled by master degree students from Hamburg, Paris and Toulouse and maybe soon others. These planning groups try to find specific solutions for the places they choose in the area of the planned settlement. Therefore, subgroups focusing on water, energy, buildings, transport or community impact, just to name some aspects have to coordinate their planning processes. You will discuss state of the art environmental innovations and discuss, especially, if they suit the socio-economic and ecological environment. Every Eco-Town has to react to obstacles and changes of their planning environment. You will rely on data collected in the “real” world, however, once we started conditions can change. HumHub Platform The Simulation Game is realised by using the platform HumHub. You will have specific rooms for specific purposes, like the exhibition hall for international conferences to show milestones in the planning and to discuss these ideas internationally. Other rooms can provide you with train tickets or you hold in others you town meetings. During the game you will get more access to more rooms by gaining train or flight tickets.
Webinare: digitale Workshops und Schulungen
Webinare aus dem HOOU-Netzwerk HOOU@MMKH Wir setzen unsere Workshops und Schulungen aktuell digital in Form von Webinaren und Tutorials um. Neben dem umfangreichen Angebot im Bereich Medienproduktion werden auch unsere Datenschutz-Schulungen als Webinare angeboten. Nähere Infos: https://www.mmkh.de/schulungen/medienproduktion.html HOOU@HAW Im Rahmen der digitalen Qualifizierung der Hamburg Open Online University entwickeln wir ein Konzept für Qualifizierungsmaßnamen für die Lehrenden, Mitarbeiter/-innen und beteiligten Studierenden der Hochschulen rund um das Lehren und Lernen mit digitalen Medien und offenen Lehr- und Lernressourcen. Wir bieten den Lehrenden und Studierenden, die Open Educational Resources für die HOOU erstellen, prozessbegleitende Beratungen sowie Workshops an und ermöglichen die Vernetzung in Communities of Practice. Nähere Infos: https://ems.hoou.de/workshops.html Änderungen vorbehalten.
Online-BarCamp: Keep calm & let's get sustainable
Donnerstag, 30.04.2020 | 10:00 Uhr - ca. 14:00 Uhr Lass dich von Keynote-Speakern inspirieren. Nehme anschließend an zwei hintereinander folgenden BarCamp Sessions Deiner Wahl über das Online-Tool Unhangout teil. Es haben bereits eine Vielzahl an Teilnehmern wie z.B. das NGO Cradle-to-cradle, Bracenet sowie Blue Engineering zugesagt. Informiere dich über ihre spannenden Themen unter dem Reiter “Artikel”. Möchtest du selbst eine Idee, ein Thema oder ein Projekt vorstellen, diskutieren oder Dich mit anderen Interessierten/Experten austauschen, melde dich unter uif@tuhh.de bei uns. Wir richten dir eine eigene Session ein. Keine Sorge, du musst kein eigenes Thema vorschlagen, um an dem Event teilnehmen zu können!!! Für den Sommer 2020 ist ein Coming Together an der TUHH geplant, um euch die Möglichkeit zum Netzwerken zu erleichtern und noch einmal über die Themen mit einem Kaltgetränk sprechen zu können. Alle Informationen erhaltet ihr über diesen Kanal. Wir freuen uns auf Dich! Kontakt: UIF-Team | uif@tuhh.de Ansprechpartner HOOU: Frau Dr. Tina Ladwig | tina.ladwig@tuhh.de Mehr Informationen: http://uif.hoou.tuhh.de