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Serversysteme und -dienste
In diesem Kurs werden am Beispiel einer Windows Domäne, Serverstrukturen und -dienste in einem Netzwerk aufgebaut und getestet.
Die Regenwassernutzung vermittelt Methoden, Niederschläge zu gewinnen, zu lagern und zu nutzen.
Suelo – Agua y Seguridad Alimentaria
El suelo, agua y la seguridad alimentaria están vinculados. Un suelo de calidad, es una de las bases más importantes para la producción de alimentos
Habitats écologiques sous différents climats
Le terme éco-habitat signifie que chaque étape du cycle de vie d’un bâtiment est planifiée.
Casas Ecológicas en Diferentes Climas
El término construcción ecológica significa que se planifica cada etapa del ciclo de vida de una construcción.
Sol – Eau et sécurité alimentaire
Le sol, l’eau et la sécurité alimentaire sont étroitement liés.
Konfiguration und Nutzung fester und mobiler Endgeräte
Im Fokus dieses Lernangebots steht die Auseinandersetzung mit festen und mobilen Endgeräten im beruflichen Bildungskontext.
Eco-Houses in Different Climates
Eco-housing means that each life-cycle step is planned to be environmentally responsible and resource efficient.
Soil – Water & Food Security
Soil, Water and Food Security are highly interlinked. Good soil quality, healthy soil, is one of the most important foundations for food production.
Weltweite Wasserressourcen
Die weltweiten Wasserressourcen sind ein wichtiger Teil der Hydrosphäre.
Sustainable Tourism & Stakeholder Networking for SIDS
Small Island Developing States (SIDS) still face numerous challenges with regard to sustainable development and sustainable livelihoods for their current population as well as future generations. As one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, in recent years tourism has course logobecome one of the key economic factors for many SIDS. However, tourism is associated with various risks for their fragile ecosystems. In addition, the size and geographical situation of many SIDS confronts them with vulnerabilities that limit their competitiveness in the tourism industry. In light og these challenges, there is a need for well-formulated policies, regulations and standards in the tourism sector. Here, policy-makers play a key role in fostering the transition towards sustainable tourism. This online course... offers an interdisciplinary perspective on sustainable tourism as well as related policies, regulations and standards found in Small Island Developing States introduces you to a broad spectrum of tourism- but also policy-related topics, for example sustainable tourism strategies and measures... as well as policies, initiatives and programs invites you to discuss and share ideas, opinions and knowledge with learners from all over the world seeks to inspire you self-develop a small solution for promoting sustainable tourism in SIDS Scope This interdisciplinary course has an active duration of 7 weeks. They are actively looked after by tutors. After the active term of this course remains public, so that everyone has access to the materials. Before the active phase, learners can already log in, familiarize themselves with the learning environment and view some content. The course's work load is equivalent to an estimated 4 hours work load per course week, depending on how deep you indulge in the materials, discussion and interaction with other learners.
Verfahren objektorientierter Softwareentwicklung
Im Rahmen dieses Lernangebots erfolgt ein praxisnaher Einstieg zum Thema objektorientierter Softwareentwicklung mittels der Sprache Python.
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